Harry Jessington (brosely) wrote,
Harry Jessington


it's been awhile since i last updated anything and i don't know where to begin? so, i will just stick to what's happening in my life now.

been working at the new gay bar/restaurant here in vancouver for the last 4 months or so. i actually really dig it and love the kids i work with. the main thorn in everyone's side was darris (drag name rhia) who was the general manager who only had a bad attitude towards customers and the crew. he is finally gone and all is right with the world.

i'm making ok money now, i should have been doing the waiter thing years ago. i also bartend now as well which is quite a bit of fun. after talking to a bartender friend of mine, she told me she made 98,000 last year alone, and it was a super slow year for her. this gives me hope that someday i'll come close.

i did make like 2500ish last month before taxes. considering i left s.e.h. (the factory i worked at before this) making about 1800 a month or so i definitely feel that i made the correct job move. when i left seh i told them i was going to be a waiter and it certainly feels awesome to have actually done it.

in other news, i'm buying a 1988 pathfinder from a friend of mine for 999. he's letting me make payments and it only has minor things wrong with it. it does need the internal thermostat replaced, but my friend already bought the part and i just need someone with the know how to do it. it should be an easy fix.

i still have never gotten a driver's license, so i'm working on that as well.

dan is doing well too. he is finally transitioning from his management position at target to being a driving instructor at a private company. he likes it, though he will lose pay and his benefits.

as a couple things are great! we love our house, chickens, cat, and bees. we have far too many eggs to eat so we sell what we can.

dan just woke up so i'm gonna get off here and get some breakfast.
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