Harry Jessington (brosely) wrote,
Harry Jessington

ooo super creepy!

sitting here, playing ff6 on emulater when i hear a knock at the door. its almost 2am and who the eff is it? i go to the door, don't open it, and ask who it is. she say's its (and i swear this is true) bambi, and she needs help. i ask her through the door, which i've now locked, how i can help her and if she needs me to call 911. she needs to get to someplace called sterling point appts off of ellsworth. i tell her i can't help her and i'm not going to let her inside, but i will call her a cab. she says ok.

i called the cab, explained the situation (to which even the dispatch was creeped out), and told bambi (who is softly sobbing) that the cab will be here in like a half hour or so, but they asked her to stay by the curb to wait.

i told aubrey and she was even more creeped out than i was. but really, as aubs pointed out, who goes to a random house at the end of a culdesac to ask for help when there are gas stations and lit streets just a block or two away?

maybe i've watched too much t.v., but i'm not opening my door to a complete stranger at two am. nope.
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