Harry Jessington (brosely) wrote,
Harry Jessington


Weird dreams about moving in with an older white guy and an asian woman.  A couple days later we got in a fight. There were fists, hoses and guns involved.

Coal, our cat, killed a dove today. Dan was pretty upset.  We then went on to pick wildflowers in the field behind the house.

Work is driving me nuts.  Im so sick of being the "go to" guy for every shift that needs covered. Randomly put in a resume for something on craigslist, but we'll see.


  • Grrrr.

    I made a huge entry this morning, but it didnt take.

  • Life is crazy...

    And im trying to figure out if this new layout is ok?

  • (no subject)

    Hello? Im not sure how the new layout works?

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