Harry Jessington (brosely) wrote,
Harry Jessington

Pride was... exhausting. Hung with kori, nichole, nicholes gf rosie, and a giel we met there baed annabelle.

Ended up taking some molly, which was fun,but i think i may be a bit too old for it these days.

Hit up cc's, embers and Casey's.  Then ithink we hit brickhouse on the way back to koris. Got to see brian coleman and met a few others.

Fell asleep and kori took me home about 2pm.  Felt gross all day and realized i hadnt eaten anything for like two days. Was able to get down a bowl of chili that Dan had made but that was it.

Yesterday i made soup but i got nauseous and threw up. Managed to get a bowl down a few hours later,but threw up two more times.  I never throw up, ugh.

Today is work. Kinda dreading it, but im so behind on bills right now that i must go.

Sorry for typos, on my phone.


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