crazy story

so here's a funnyish story:

a friend and old coworker of mine had gone out with some friends and had like two beers. on the way home, she stopped at Wendy's for some food. she put in her order, paid for the order, then waited a super long time at the window for her food. as the line piled up behind her, they had her move off to the side to wait.

so she waits....and waits....and waits... she is about to go inside to ask what is going on when, "woop! woop!" the cops are behind her.

so wendy's apparently called the cops on her because they thought they could smell alcohol. my friend had to do the breathalizer and got a .09. the cops almost arrest her but find out she's military and instead call her sargeant to report her to him.

my poor friend.

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theres this kid i used to hang with when i was 18ish who is now on my facebook. his posts are always negative toward others, and i keep thinking i should just delete him.

today he posted that he was sick of people complaining about the internet posting spoilers about Game of Thrones. he then proceeded to let out the secret of last night's episode and basically told everyone to suck it.

i, having read the entire series, proceeded to post a few spoilers on my own to him. take that, jerk.

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doing some laundry while waiting to go to work. i really like my new job, but i'd rather just be bartending at a dive place to be honest. this place is cool, but i'm serving and making a drink here and there. no worries.

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it's so nice out...i dont wanna go to work.

also, someday i'll make a real post about what's happening in my life. i still read lj everyday?